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Mr Tree !
Gp1 -Limited Edition
Gp2 -Limited Edition
Gp3 -Limited Edition
Black Eyed Feathers
A Glimpse of Nature
Fishy Friend
B'ond-1 Series
B'ond-2 Series
B'ond-3 Series
A'pan Series
A'pan Series
A'pan Series
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Wheels 1.jpg
T-Shirt 100% cotton (180gr)
5th Anniversary !
10th Anniversary !
I Love Gp !


We  are  proud  to  make  quality  goods,  sold  at  a  lower  cost  for  all  and  especially   the  youth.



All brand decks are made of premium maple wood and superior epoxy glue to grant the best natural pop.


For each design various sizes:  (7.5 x 31.5) - (8.0 x 31.9) - (8.125 x 31.625) - (8.25 x 32.125) - (8.325 x 32.25)


Wheels are dual core in their composition which guarantees no flat spots,  yep for real !  51mm (101A/99A)


Boards: 70.- CHF (with Jessup griptape)  /  Wheels: 50.- CHF (4pces set)  /  T-Shirt's: 20.- CHF  (M-L-XL)